How to Get Missing Icons Back onto the Videos Section

Missing Icons BannerIf you seem to have missing icons from your Kodi Videos section, follow these steps to get them back.

(Reminder: This topic has been covered in the Help Section for SFS Owners)

  1. From the Kodi Homescreen, navigate to Programs> Program add-ons [if┬ánecessary]> “Addon Installer”> Search
  2. (Type in the Name of the Missing Addon and Press Done)> Click on [Name of Addon]
  3. Press “Install…”
  4. Press “Install”
  5. After your addon is done installing, click “Ok”
  6. Press the Back Button Until You Get Back to the Kodi Videos Screen

Your addon should now be back to it’s original place on the homescreen. Remember, you can use this process to reinstall any missing icons that can usually be found in the Kodi Videos Section.

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