How to Delete a Previously Downloaded Movie


If you already know how to download a movie and have done so, follow these steps to delete it.

(NOTE: This is a lengthy task and may be intimidating to some. Remember to follow each instruction step by step to avoid damage to the product.)

*KEY* (∨): Down Arrow  (<>): Down, Left, Up, Right

  1. From the Fire TV Stick Homescreen, navigate to “Apps”
  2. Scroll right until you see “ES File Explorer”
  3. Open “ES File Explorer”
  4. On the left hand Navigation Bar, scroll down to “Show Hidden Files” and toggle it on
  5. Scroll up to “Settings”> “Recycle Bin”> Click on “Enable Recycle Bin Function” to turn it off
  6. Go back and scroll down to “Local” and click on “0”
  7. Locate the folder labeled “Android” and click on it
  8. Press the down arrow, then click “data”
  9. (∨) Select “org.xbmc.kodi”
  10. (<>) Select “files”
  11. (<>)Select “.kodi”
  12. (<>) “Userdata”
  13. (<>) “Library”
  14. Hover over the folder that contains the movie (DO NOT GO INTO THE FOLDER)
  15. Hold the select button until you see a check mark appear (Select all folders that you want deleted)
  16. Scroll down and press delete then press OK

The movie should now be removed from your system!

 (Pro Tip: Quickly navigate back to the main folder area by completing a “full circle” (Down, Left, Up, Right)



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